What we can do for you

For us, it's about an integrated, holistic approach. We'll develop a combination of specialised treatment approaches to meet your needs, integrating a number of traditional Oriental techniques.

Our success comes from providing not just better general health and enhanced well being, but long-term pain relief too. Our integrated treatments treat the root of the problem, rather than just providing temporary comfort.

Acute / chronic pain
We can bring relief to neck pain, frozen shoulders, back pain and sciatica, headaches, and hip and knee pain

Stress-related symptoms
Our therapies help reduce such symptoms as fatigue tension, migraine, anxiety and insomnia

Musculo-skeletal conditions
Our integrated treatments can help with chronic neck / shoulder discomfort, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), sprains and sports injuries, arthritis, joint dysfunction, sciatica, TMJ disorder and postural misalignment

Common ailments
We can bring relief to ailments such as digestive, respiratory, skin disorders or gynaecological disorders.

Athletics performance
Our treatments maintain the body in optimal condition by mobilising the joints, improving muscle tone and increasing flexibility, and so can help prevent sports injuries