Ease Oriental Therapies, Atsue Morinaga's therapeutic practice, takes an integrated approach to both diagnosis and treatment to bring you physical and emotional well-being.


Combining a number of therapies, Atsue's tailored treatments bring relief from musculoskeletal conditions, stress-related symptoms and long-term pain, as well as enhanced well-being and better general health. Your treatment will heal, rebalance and reenergise you, and prevent symptoms from reoccurring.


Oriental medicine sees health as an expression of balance. Stress causes body and muscle tension and pain, as well as hormone imbalances which can suppress the immune system.

Oriental therapies consider the whole person and help the body to heal itself naturally. Atsue's unique approach draws on a range of techniques to diagnose you and to decide on the combination of therapies in your treatment. These diagnostic techniques give instant feedback on your health as a whole and identify the root of your problem.

The techniques include Japanese acupuncture (involving abdominal palpation), approaches from physiotherapy and the M-Test, a simple diagnostic and treatment method developed in Japan, initially for athletes but now used more widely in hospitals and by family doctors.


Atsue will use a range of therapies in both diagnosis and treatment, tailored to your needs.

  • Shiatsu

    Translating literally as ‘finger pressure’, Shiatsu is beneficial for back pain, stress, headaches, whiplash injuries, neck stiffness, joint pain, reduced mobility and many sports injuries. It is a therapeutic practice that can help individuals move towards greater health and well-being. Various degrees of pressure are applied to key points to stimulate and balance energy flow in the body.

  • Japanese Accupuncture

    Acupuncture encourages the body to promote natural healing and to improve how it functions. The practitioner inserts needles and applies heat or electrical stimulation at very precise points known as acupuncture points. Japanese acupuncture differs from Chinese acupuncture in that it uses more delicate stimulation and finer needles which are inserted to a shallower depth.
    Japanese acupuncture considers both your symptoms and their underlying cause. When used for diagnosis, japanese acupuncture also involves gentle palpation of your abdomen and channels, as well as an examination of your pulse. The methods or styles used in your treatment will depend on your needs.

  • Joint Mobilisation

    Joint mobilisation improves mobility in areas that are not moving normally, perhaps as a result of tight muscles, stiff ligaments or problems in the joints themselves. The practitioner moves your joints in a way that you cannot do yourself. The treatment involves small movements of the actual bone surfaces on each other. Some of these movements help to decrease pain and others increase the range joint movement.

  • Thai Massage

    Based on yoga, ayurveda and buddhist spiritual practices, Thai massage blends gentle rocking, rhythmical pressure and deep assisted stretches to open, exercise and tone the whole body. Working on ten energy lines in the body, this massage can stimulate energy flow and gently release blockages to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy

    Cranio-sacral therapy involves very light contact by the practitioner’s hands on the cranium, sacrum or other part of the body. The therapy aims to identify blocks to the free motion of body tissues, fluids and energy flow, and can help the body’s natural capacity for self repair.

  • Facial Reflexology

    Facial reflexology involves gently stimulating areas of the face to send impulses through the central nervous system to particular organs It is used to help treat stress and unbalances in the body.

  • Colour Therapy

    Colour therapy (also known as chromotherapy) uses light and colour to enhance physical and emotional well-being. This gentle and non-invasive complementary therapy may involve coloured light being directed to different parts of the body, using colour during acupuncture treatments and using coloured lenses to stimulate the brain.

Working with children

We now offer specialised treatments for children.
If you'd like to find out more, please call us on 0796 033 3387.

Your appointment

Ease Oriental Therapies is based in South Kensington.

Ease Oriental Therapies
Hair at 38
38 Thurloe Place
London SW7 2HP

The practice is easily accessible by public transport and there is pay and display parking on the street and at the car park at Harrington Road SW7 3ND

No special preparation is needed for your appointment. You’ll be fully clothed during your treatment or else fully covered with towels. If necessary, we can provide loose clothes for you to wear during the session.


To book your appointment or for further information, contact Ease Oriental Therapies on 0796 033 3387 or email contacts@easeoriental.co.uk

The cost of your appointment will depend on nature of your treatment; if you are a new client, please contact us for further information. We accept cash, cheques and credit cards.

Appointments are available from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8am to 7pm; Wednesdays, from 1pm to 6pm are for children's appointments only.

Treatments are by appointment only. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice so that your appointment can be offered to someone else. Appointments cancelled without notice will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Running academy

In collaboration with Mara Yamauchi an ex-Olympian, now running coach, Atsue is using her skills and experience to provide comprehensive support to enhance the endurance of runners of all abilities. www.marayamauchi.com/runningacademy